Loyalty scheme

Here at Life’s Tutoring, loyalty is a quality that we really value and it is something, we feel, that isn’t valued so much in the present day, as opposed to the past. As a result, we launched our loyalty scheme.

Below is an overview of the scheme and the discounts involved:

Total number of ordersDiscount percentage
5-91% off
10-142% off
15-193% off
20-294% off
30+5% off

This means that if you have ordered at least 5 times from us, then you automatically receive a permanent 1% discount on all future orders. Once you have ordered 10 times, the discount increases to 2% and vice versa. The maximum loyalty discount that you can receive is 5% which applies once you have ordered at least 30 times from us.

As we mentioned, these discounts will be permanent once the respected thresholds have been reached. It is just our little way to say thank you by rewarding our dedicated and loyal clients.