“I find that Abdur Rehman has a great technique in teaching. He explains mistakes to me clearly and with understanding and care. He is very good and open, I can discuss anything with him. He is very patient with my learning. I like the fact that he works according to your own pace, to teach slowly but with quality. I find that by learning at a slower pace, my quality has improved as a result.” Yunus Muhammad

“I think class is enjoyable, really helpful and rewarding. I enjoy learning and I think class is the best place for learning and understanding. I think Abdur Rehman is a kind, caring and thoughtful teacher. He understands and meets the requirements of each of his students. He does everything in his power to facilitate your learning and is very flexible. Under him I have gained a lot of confidence in my studies as well as my personal life. I have gone through hardships and he has never once given up on me, he has always been there for me. I am grateful to Allah to have such a good teacher” Hamid Hussain

“I highly recommend Abdur Rehman as a teacher. I have had the pleasure of being a student of Abdur Rehman for 3 years and I have learnt more in this last 3 years than I have learnt in any Islamic learning centres in the years previous. He is an organised and helpful teacher that provides great support for any and all of his students.
Abdur Rehman is also there to discuss any problems that you may be having and provide advice on how to deal with and get around these issues. He also has a wonderful rapport with people from teenagers and up. He has an ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics, are both second to none.
He completes all these tasks with great initiative and positivity. I recommend Abdur Rehman to you without reservation.” Hamza Younis

“I have been studying with Brother Abdur Rehman for over 4 years now. At the beginning I thought my recitation was at a good level but I soon came to realise how wrong I was. Brother Abdur Rehman works with you at a pace that is suited to you and explains things in a simple clear manner. He has a flexible approach and a calm friendly persona.” Imran Zaheer

“Alhamdulilah, I have the great pleasure of studying Tajweed with Ustadh Abdur Rehman. He has a very friendly and open demeanour and is extremely meticulous in his teaching method; tailoring his approach to each student. Through his teaching my recitation and understanding of Tajweed has surpassed my own expectations. My relationship with the Qur’an now has completely changed – I am able to appreciate the beauty of Allaah’s words. For this I can’t thank Ustadh Abdur Rehman enough. I would highly recommend his classes to everyone.” Abid Hussain

“I’m learning Arabic and Tajweed from Abdur Rehman.
He’s a very nice and calm teacher where he doesn’t rush in teaching me. He takes it nice and easy. I feel comfortable in class which is why I recommend him to everyone else.” Naveed Malik

“Abdur Rehman taught me Tajweed for a period of two years. In that time I found him to be very diligent and very focused on reading the Qur’an correctly. He is very approachable and explained the rules in a simple and understandable manner. He commanded great respect amongst his students and set a high standard for his students. I would not hesitate in recommending him to any future students.” Shahid Aziz

“Ustadh Abdur Rehman taught me and my sister for just over six years. In those six years, he taught me the Qur’an and how to read it with Tajweed. While teaching the Qur’an, he also taught me to read duas by heart. He was very particular in regards to the rules of Tajweed.
Ustadh also focused on the quality rather than the quantity with regards to lessons. He also taught us popular Hadith and encouraged us to read Islamic literature.” Haleemah Aziz

“Ustadh Abdur Rehman has taught me for six years. In that time he has taught me the Qur’an, duas and the most popular Hadiths. He has focused on the quality of the recitation, ensuring we have a good understanding of the rules, as it is important to read the Qur’an correctly. I have enjoyed every lesson and would highly recommend sending students to learn the Qur’an from him.” Amal Aziz

“I have been in Tajweed class with Abdur Rehman for quite a long time, and starting from the beginning. I struggled with the rules throughout the class, I still can’t remember the rules but can apply and have started to apply the rules when reading with our teacher and within my own reading.  The classes in my opinion, and hopefully I speak for the rest of the colleagues in the class, have been and still continuing to be very valuable. We try different methods with suggestions from our teacher on various techniques and applications which for my self have been really good. The classes have been made different by our tutor by learning something new every week.” Shaukat Javed

“I have been learning Quranic Tajweed from Mr Abdur Rehman Hussain. I find him a very good teacher. He explains thoroughly and does not mind repeating as often as required for the student to understand. He is extremely patient, polite and accommodating in resolving the difficulties of his pupils. I have no hesitation to recommend him as a tutor.” Dr Abdul Rauf

“Abdur Rehman is a wonderful teacher who can communicate the teaching elements very effectively. I had learnt Urdu and Tajweed from him for approximately 16 weeks in total. Since the short course, I have been able to understand Urdu far better and my Qur’an reading with Tajweed has had a recognisable improvement. He is also very flexible with timings and can reorganise classes according to students’ needs.
Another great aspect of him is he recognises that to be a great teacher, you have to continue your learning in the area you are teaching, as this will improve not only your knowledge but also the ability to communicate your learning to others.” Mohammed Daniyaal Khan

“During the time I have known Abdur, I have found him to be a genuine, honest and thoughtful person. He has a mature and good work ethic and is conscientious and reliable.
He works hard both on an individual basis and as part as a team.
His skills include work on IT aspects based around websites, and he’s interested in acquiring new skills as the need arises.
He has a pleasant approach to other people with excellent communication skills.
He is dedicated to his family and shows concern when dealing with friends and neighbours and about his general environment.
All in all, a good person who I would have no hesitation in recommending to others.” Shirley Concannon

“I have worked with Abdur Rehman for a number of years, he has always had a professional approach of how everything needs to be achieved. He has a dedicated, ethical approach to work.
He has an in-depth knowledge of I.T, and is aware of all the latest programs available especially within the radio and recording profession, where he has a vast knowledge of producing radio adverts. 
Abdur Rehman presents a weekly radio show where he shares his vast knowledge in a variety of topics to many followers of all ages who tune it.
Abdur Rehman has a thirst to always learn and is always 100% committed to new tasks.
He is always honest even if there is constructive criticism given to him, he always handles these situations in a non conventional approach showing respect at all times.
He is excellent at teaching and explaining information to share his knowledge on a variety of things to both his co workers and students.
Abdur Rehman has excellent listening skills and always has a logical way on how to approach a situation.
Abdur Rehman has a great ability to work with people of all ages; he always treats everyone with the utmost respect.
What ever he puts his mind to, he always gives the situation/project 100% commitment.
He works well independently as well as in a team.
I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to have worked with someone so knowledgeable, humble, pious and hard working.” Shabana Yunas

“Opening a brand new school to add to our trust was a challenge – especially as most of the children that made up the new school were INAs (International New Arrivals) with no English. We compiled our own assessment steps (levels) for: speaking, listening and understanding, reading and writing to ensure we could show progress while aiming high.
Unable to add this information to the school’s standard SIMS system though, we had to use Microsoft Excel which is when Abdur Rehman was drafted in! 
Abdur Rehman created for me, a completely bespoke Microsoft Excel database to record and track children’s progress in line with our assessment steps. 
Ofsted judged this school as outstanding in its very first inspection, which is extremely rare, especially for a brand new school, as they were so impressed with the progress and impact seen. 
Abdur Rehman is obviously highly skilled in IT and also works hard to ensure the client is happy with the outcome. Furthermore, he is very honest, respectful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone else.
Rumana Asif

“I have worked with Abdur Rehman now for a few years and have recently received the pleasure of referring to him as “Mu’allim” (Teacher). Through my endeavours in a professional work setting I can wholeheartedly attest to his hard working and helpful nature.
Abdur Rehman is an individual who has a very adept and proficient attitude to whatever he sets his mind to. He is very skilled in the medium of IT and technicality in radio – both producing and presenting a high quality show. It is through him that I have thrived in my recitation of the Quran and radio work. He is always there as a helping hand and has taught me ample amounts of beneficial knowledge.
I find my quranic tajweed classes with him extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Every lesson his effective teaching strategies make me question, reflect and strive to perfect my studies leaving me with an improved relationship with the Quran. He engages very well and works at the pace of whoever he is teaching by being very flexible and adapting his teaching/resources to suit the needs and scopes of all his students.
From a pastoral perspective, Abdur Rehman is effectively able to provide counselling in all forms. Whether it be marriage advice, mentorship, or even general counselling he is equipped with the skills to tackle sensitive issues and advise people in a safe and understanding manner. His ability in this field ranges from merely lending an ear to those who are seeking aid to assisting people in their personal matters. For anyone out there, craving the need of guidance and enlightenment I strongly recommend Abdur Rehman and the services he provides.
He has excellent communication skills and is extremely reliable. Abdur Rehman is a trustworthy individual that will meet and excel whatever tasks he is given. A true asset to work and be with.” Hassan Ruhani Hafeez

“Abdur Rehman has helped me to understand the importance of researching ingredients within products, educating me on their benefits and the damage some chemicals within my skin products can cause as well as helping me adopt more of a natural skin care routine.
Abdur Rehman is a man of many talents and is very humble. He is very welcoming and has helped me to start looking at things from a holistic point of view.
I have worked with Abdur Rehman for a few years now at my local radio station and have noticed that he is passionate about what he specialises in – teaching individuals knowledge in order to benefit themselves.
I would recommend his advice, the products he sells, as well as the other services he provides, as he works really hard to provide the best experience.” Taiyba Razzaq

“Abdur Rehman was very thorough and very knowledgeable. The service was brilliant from start to finish including the end report which was spot on” Mohammed Towhasir Tawhid

“I was having printing issues. Various error codes and flashing LEDs were pointing towards ink cartridge/hardware-related problems, and to send the printer back to the manufacturer.
Using a logical progression, Abdur Rehman was able to find the fault and replace the cartridge in a little over half an hour. I definitely will be using his services again” Michael Whittick

“My wife and I were looking for a Qur-aan teacher that taught well and also instilled good adab (manners) in our son. Abdur Rehman has been the perfect teacher, he has built up a brilliant relationship with my son, Umar, which can be challenging in online classes and Umar regularly looks forward to his classes. He eagerly completes his revision and homework and we pray that he continues to develop under Abdur Rehman. Barakallahu feekum” Wahaj Yasin

“Life’s Tutoring is amazing. They are helping me improve on my English and Maths even when I am finding it hard to fit it around a full time job and taking some time to understand. They are always there to listen and do not give up on you” Ikram Shafqut