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Counselling is a form of talking therapy that allows for a trained therapist to listen to you and work with you to deal with your issues.

It can help you cope with issues such as:

    • A mental health condition such as depression, anxiety or stress
    • A physical health condition such as infertility or eczema
    • A difficult life event such as bereavement, trauma or relationship issues
    • Difficult emotions such as anger, low self-esteem
    • Addictions such as sexual or food

Counselling will usually be carried out in person (one to one or group), email, phone or over video call such as Zoom.

What we offer

Here at Life’s Tutoring, we are here to help you get back on track. We will listen, work and discuss your issues together in a sensitive and holistic manner, exploring ways on how we can manage them. We don’t just see things for how they are, we look beyond that to see whether there are any connections that are causing your issues.

We understand that life can be difficult and will throw many challenges and obstacles in your path, however, you can overcome them, with the right mindset, attitude and determination. This will take effort and reflection on your part in order to see change, we will guide you but ultimately it is you yourself who must make the changes and implement adjustments to your life.

How it works

You select the number of sessions that you require

We will then contact you via email before the first session, asking you to explain your situation (this will give us an idea of the type of counselling that you require)

We will also send you a contract to sign (outlining what to expect in the sessions) which will include setting boundaries outside of sessions

We will then agree on a suitable day and time for your sessions to take place

Please note – Counselling sessions will usually take place over Zoom, for in-person counselling, there will be an additional charge.


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