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English is a language, originally the language of those residing in England.

It is now the main language (and mainly spoken) in countries such as the USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and more than fifty other countries.

Worldwide, there is about 400 million native speakers of English and over one billion who speak it as a second language. It is one of the most commonly used languages in the world.

It uses a writing system that is based on classical Latin or Roman alphabets. In terms of it vocabulary, it is mainly Germanic but also is influenced by Latin, French, Arabic, Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Spanish and Hindi to name a few.

What we offer

Here at Life’s Tutoring, we offer a comprehensive course so you can learn English properly as we know how important languages are to daily life.

Learn grammar, punctuation, spelling, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English.

Learn live with a teacher or from a pre-recorded course (pre-recorded option coming soon) at your own pace.

No deadlines to complete the course so you can learn to master the language at your own pace. Our teachers are very patient as they favour quality over quantity and value enthusiasm, hence why they are your well-wishers by wanting you to succeed.

Additional tutor support will be provided with live lessons such as contact via WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

How it works

You select the number of lessons that you require

We will then contact you via email before the first session, asking you to explain your motivation and intention to learn English (this will give us an idea about yourselves as a student and your needs)

We will then agree on a suitable day and time for your lessons to take place

Please note – Lessons are delivered online usually over Zoom, for in-person lessons, this can be considered but for an additional charge.



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